Recovery vs. Lip Quench™

What’s the difference?

Since the launch of Robinson’s Remedies Lip Quench™, people have been asking, “How is this different from your other wax-free stick, Lip Renew Recovery?” After all, they are both wax-free. They both contain extraordinary healing ingredients. They both moisturize your lips. Here’s the story.

Lip Renew Recovery

The name says it all. Lip Renew Recovery, formulated for wind musicians, is a long-acting, moisturizing version of our world-famous Lip Renew cream. It removes lactic acid from the muscles where applied, opens blood vessels to provide oxygenated blood to the affected muscle, and reduces swelling.


Lip Quench™

The ultimate lip balm for your parched lips! Lip Quench™ is product for EVERYONE. It provides deep moisturization to dry, chapped, cracked lips. It contains eight moisturizers and glides easily onto the lips, similar to wax-based products. Lip Quench™ then penetrates into the lip tissue, making them feel soft, moist, and supple.