Robinson's Remedies Lip Renew - Wax Free! - Formulated for Wind Musicians!



Lip Renew

  • Rapid relief of swollen, stressed and overworked lips and mouth muscles
  • Made to be used during a performance
  • Patent pending all natural formula
  • Fast absorbing


Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew was born out of the reaction to our first product, Lip Repair for Cold Sores. When Ken Robinson conceived of Lip Repair, he worked with our team at the US Botanical Safety Laboratories to create a product that not only provided rapid relief of cold sores, but rapidly reduced swelling of the lip tissue while soothing and moisturizing dry and cracked lips. It was so effective at reducing inflammation and moisturizing that musicians who DO NOT get cold sores were buying the product anyway and finding that it helped tremendously!

So we set about researching how we could deal specifically with what wind musicians really wanted: a product that helps them improve their endurance. And what we found is that reducing inflammation is only part of the solution. In addition to lip swelling and fatigue, the muscles that help create the embouchure also fatigue. And after the physical stress of playing, excessive lactic acid builds up in the muscles which reduces endurance and inhibits recovery.

We couldn’t find a product anywhere that works quickly to not only treat lip inflammation, but be effective at treating muscle fatigue and help improve recovery time to make those grueling rehearsal and performance days more tolerable.

And so, working with our expert formulators at USBSL and after weeks of testing under real life performance conditions by a group of professionals led by Walter White, we created a formula that we believe is truly a game changer!

Try it for yourself and see!

Product Info

  • wax free
  • absorbs in seconds
  • pleasant vanilla mint flavor
  • all natural formula
  • quickly reduces inflammation
  • helps prevent excess lactic acid build up in muscles
  • supports oxygenation and blood flow to the muscle
  • heals cuts quickly
  • can even be used during performance without wiping off

This revolutionary and patent pending product is free of waxes, petrolatum, camphor, saccharin, alcohol or harsh chemicals. It contains a blend of minerals, amino acids, plant extracts and oils that our research indicates has three key benefits.

First, it rapidly reduces swelling of the lip tissue.

Second, it reduces muscle fatigue in part by preventing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle tissue.

Third, it improves oxygenation and blood flow to the muscle tissue. And that gentle cooling and tingling sensation? That’s how you know it works!

Ingredients & Purpose

WATER  — for hydration

KAVA EXTRACT — helps relieve muscle tension and spasms

ALOE VERA — multiple benefits including reducing inflammation, speeding healing of the skin and antiseptic

ARNICA OIL — soothes and reduces inflammation

HYPERICIN — reduces inflammation and muscle pain. Works in synergy with other ingredients as an anti-viral.

LUCIDAL LIQUID — A natural preservative and anti-bacterial

MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE — prevents lactic acid buildup in the muscle tissue and provides amino acids to the muscle.

ECOGEL & HELIOFEEL — all natural and trademarked emulsifiers

AMTICIDE COCONUT — moisturizer and anti-microbial

TAURINE — hydrates the skin and increases blood oxygenation

CAFFEINE — improves blood oxygenation and improves endurance

VANILLA EXTRACT — used as a flavoring and anti-inflammatory

STEVIA — a natural sweetener

SILICA — helps keep ingredients in suspension

MENTHOL CRYSTALS — for flavoring and has analgesic benefits

MILK PEPTIDE COMPLEX — an all natural protein to speed collagen production

ROSEMARY OIL — increases blood circulation

LAVENDER OIL — helps relieve muscle tension

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE — prevents lactic acid buildup in the muscle

BHT — an FDA approved food preservative with strong anti-viral benefits. 

Brand Ambassador

Photo of Walter White

Walter White has emerged with a personal voice on both trumpet and flugelhorn. his playing is darkly incantatory, furiously intense, risk-laden, harmonically astute, rhythmically free, with roiling passion tempering a sharp intellect. His bands play solid originals and his own exciting arrangements from both the standard jazz and classical literature.

Walter serves as leader of the Walter White Jazz Quartet, the Walter White Big Band, and his 11-piece band, Walter White & Small Medium @ Large, who recently released the recording, Breaking Good, which received substantial national radio play and reached into the top 20 on the Jazz Week charts. His newest jazz quartet recording, Walter White Quartet, Most Triumphant, was released in July 2014 on Summit Records and stayed on Jazz Week’s top-50 charts for over ten weeks.

Walter White grew up in a musical family near Detroit, MI, which inspired him to begin his musical career. Walter’s expressive trumpet playing led him to collaborate with many of the top names in music including: Bob James, Maynard Ferguson, Dave Holland, the Mingus Big Band, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, and Arturo Sandoval.

Walter’s playing has enhanced the sound tracks of records, movies, and television, including network sitcoms, TAXI and The Cosby Show. As a recording studio owner, Walter produces music for records, television, and film. In 1994, Walter produced the Walter White Long-tone Accompaniment, a play-along CD for music practice, now in its third printing.

Walter White is a Yamaha Artist & Clinician and is active as an educator, teaching privately and holding master classes and clinics across the country and abroad.


Eric Miyashiro, World Famous Trumpeter 

” Your Lip Renew is FANTASTIC!! I have been using it everyday,  and it has helped me get through the toughest of gigs! …  You have something revolutionary here!!”   June, 2016

” I can’t live without the lip renew!   It has saved my life countless times,  fantastic product!! ”  Dec. 2016

“I am in London at the moment,   Have been in Europe for the past 8 days,  real tough tour,  came here with a cut lip, and only thing that helped me get through these gigs was your Lip Repair and Lip Renew. “ May, 2017

“The repair and renew has been saving my life for the last few months (Since my last lip injury) Can’t live with out them !!!” Oct. 2017
Roger Ingram,  Jazz Trumpeter, Educator, Author, and Instrument Designer

“So Kenny, after a very busy playing week, my chops have been a bit puffy the last two mornings prior to warming-up. Yesterday morning I did not use your new Lip Renew. But today, I used the Lip Renew for the first time. I followed the directions, and after about 15 minutes the puffiness was 90% gone. This cut my recovery time in half as opposed to yesterday’s time-frame. Congratulations, this stuff really works!” Dec. 2016


What Makes Lip Renew Different from other Lip Balms?
Lip Renew is a special formula specifically designed to help wind musicians cope with swollen, stressed and overworked lips and muscles associated with demanding performance and rehearsal schedules. As an all natural formula created by experts in natural remedies, this cream has been tested by professional wind musicians who have applied it before, during and after performances. Our goal was to create something completely new and different from current products; one that could be used even during performance without having to wipe it off and would be known for being fast acting and highly effective.

Why is Lip Renew a cream and not a more conventional “stick”?
We created Lip Renew as a cream because we wanted it to work quickly to improve endurance during playing situations. Our research indicated that most products made in stick form have wax as a primary ingredient. Even natural waxes such as beeswax act as a moisture barrier. In our view, wax would prevent the active ingredients found in Lip Renew from penetrating into the lip tissue and mouth muscles. In short, we believe that Lip Renew would be less effective as a stick than as a cream.
Think about how waxes are used in other applications. They act as a barrier in foods such as fresh cheese, which have a wax covering. And waxes such as carnauba wax are found in high quality car waxes to produce a beautiful shine and barrier against rain.

Our new Lip Renew Recovery product is the first stick product free of wax, paraffin, petrolatum. Check it out as a perfect choice for recovery!

What’s in Lip Renew that makes it so special?
First, part of what makes Lip Renew special is what it does not contain. Our formula is free of waxes, petrolatum, camphor, saccharin, alcohol or harsh chemicals. It contains a blend of minerals, amino acids, plant extracts and oils that our research indicates has three key benefits. First, it rapidly reduces swelling of the lip tissue. Second, it reduces muscle fatigue in part by preventing the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle. Third, it improves oxygenation of the blood.
Please note that these statements have not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

When can I use Lip Renew?
Lip Renew is made to be used anytime. You will especially note its effectiveness if you apply it lightly before you play or even during a performance. It is designed to absorb within seconds and does NOT need to be wiped off. Apply it lightly and see just how fast it works!

How do I apply Lip Renew?
Lip Renew is designed to be used not only for lips but by the muscles that help form the embouchure. We recommend applying Lip Renew to the lips, above and below the lips as well as the sides of the mouth. Just remember that this product is for external use only!

How often can I use Lip Renew?
Lip Renew can be used anytime and as often as you like. You won’t need much though! We recommend applying in thin layers as often as you feel you need it. Remember, it is professional strength!

What if I am a woodwind player? Will Lip Renew help me?
Absolutely! Lip Renew is effective for lips AND muscles. Make sure you apply it to the sides of the mouth where it will help in your endurance. And if you apply it to your lips, you won’t have to worry about it being a problem if you play a reed instrument. It absorbs in seconds and does not leave a waxy residue on the reed.

What is that cooling, tingling feeling?
You will experience a mild cooling sensation and possibly some tingling too. That means the active ingredients are penetrating into the lip and muscle tissue. It means that Lip Renew is working!

Why is Lip Renew so expensive?
There are a few reasons why Lip Renew is a premium priced product. First, our product is created at the US Botanical Safety Laboratory in North Carolina to ensure the quality of our ingredients and the effectiveness of our formula. Second, we use very high quality ingredients. These ingredients are also highly effective. We could make a cheaper formula but it would contain ingredients that we consider “fillers” without any benefit to you. And third, our formula contains concentrations of active ingredients to ensure that our product performs to our high standards of rapid relief and effectiveness. It isn’t just what you use, but how much you use that matters.
As a wind musician, your lips and mouth muscles are as important as the equipment you play on. We believe that Lip Renew works quickly and effectively to help your endurance. We think it’s worth every penny.

Where can I buy Lip Renew?
Lip Renew is available on our website: It will be available in select music stores too. Currently it is available at Thompson Music (Omaha,NE), Springfield Music (Springfield, MO), Dillon Music (Woodbridge, NJ), Virtuosity Music (Boston, MA), Osmun Music (Acton, MA) and Parker Brass (London, UK)