Great Products We Like

The Robinson’s Remedies team regularly attends conferences (pre-COVID of course) and we have come across some amazing people dedicated to creating outstanding products. We urge you check out these products. And we will be updating this page from time to time so please check back regularly!


At BrassWerks I strive to build a trumpet to fit your individual needs. Every trumpet is custom hand built by me to fit you. At a price point between the two major manufacturers (let’s just call them B and Y), why not treat yourself to a trumpet that truly fits.


We manufacture a complete line of mouthpieces for Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba – plus our growing line of top quality acces-sories for both brass and woodwind instruments. The Warburton system flexibility gives you the most efficient mouthpiece or saxophone neck components for performing in any playing situation.


Jazz trumpeter, educator, author, and instrument designer. He played trumpet for the orchestras of Maynard Ferguson, Woody Herman, Wynton Marsalis, Ray Charles, and Harry Connick Jr.


Developing and product sell the brass instruments like trumpet, mouthpieces and silencers.


The PATRICK Mouthpieces line has been developed by Nashville Tennessee’s first-call trumpet player, Steve Patrick. Throughout his work on stage and in the recording studio, Steve is continually asked to cover a wide array of trumpet playing, from orchestral film score recording, to big band and pop lead trumpet. Through Steve’s research and development, a series of trumpet mouthpieces have been and continue to be developed that allow a versatile trumpet player to easily switch their equipment to appropriately fit the style of music they are called to play without sacrificing sound, pitch, or stability. The entire line includes commercial, classical, flugel-horn, cornet, and piccolo trumpet models as well as the “Vintage” models, based on highly successful designs.


UK based trombonist Marcus Reynolds invented this terrific aid after suffering a facial injury that otherwise would have ended his prolific career. Stratos Encore Pro is a precisely adjustable attachment for all brass instruments. Designed to reduce mouthpiece pressure and optimise your jaw position and so improve your embouchure. Engineered to last a lifetimes playing, it is hand crafted entirely in the UK using high quality Aviation Grade polished aluminium.