Nothing beats Lip Renew for Endurance and Recovery!

We hear it all the time, Lip Renew is too good to be true. A product that helps wind musicians improve their endurance? No way.

Well, it’s true. 

Robinson’s Remedies approach to helping wind musicians increase their endurance is to understand the scientific reasons behind stiffness, soreness, and swelling of the embouchure muscles. We research and develop our formulas with chemists and test them with professionals in real-world situations before introducing them to the public. And they work.

Lip Renew is the only lip care product specifically designed for wind musicians that will reduce inflammation, decrease lactic acid build-up, and improve your endurance. We use four natural anti-inflammatory agents including Arnica to provide rapid relief of swelling in the embouchure muscles.

Lip Renew Recovery is the first and only wax-free lip balm stick, formulated for wind musicians. This patent-pending, extended-release formula moisturizes the lips while allowing its’ other ingredients to penetrate the lip tissue and speed recovery. Use Recovery after a gig or between performances and you won’t believe how your lips feel!

We made a video explaining all the amazing benefits of Lip Renew and Lip Renew Recovery Stick. Check it out.

Robinson’s Remedies products work because they solve real problems. Our unique, highly effective formulas have been tested under the most demanding conditions. Wind musicians around the world depend on Robinson’s Remedies products to boost endurance and speed recovery. Play Stronger for Longer with Robinson’s Remedies!