Robinson's Remedies Lip Renew Recovery Stick - No Wax - No Petrolatum - No Paraffin


Lip Renew Recovery

Lip Renew Recovery has quickly earned a worldwide reputation for helping your embouchure recover after demanding playing situations. Based on our amazingly effective Lip Renew cream, this wax-free formula removes lactic acid from muscles, oxygenates the blood, reduces swelling, and moisturizes your lips to prevent dryness and chapping.

There is simply nothing like Lip Renew Recovery. See for yourself. Check out our ingredients and why we use them. Then compare it to what you are using now. Check out our Product Information.

You deserve the very best for your embouchure. After all, isn’t that your playing apparatus?

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    Product Info

    After a long stretch of playing, wind musicians need to treat their chops with loving care. You might think that the commercial lip balms you have been using are helping you recover, but really they are mostly wax or grease. They coat your lips and act as a barrier that actually prevents other ingredients from absorbing.

    There is a much much better way!

    Lip Renew Recovery has quickly earned a worldwide reputation for helping your embouchure recover after demanding playing situations.

    • Based on our amazingly effective Lip Renew cream
    • Wax-free formula
    • Removes lactic acid from muscles
    • Oxygenates the blood
    • Reduces swelling
    • Moisturizes lips to prevent dryness and chapping.
    • Petrolatum free
    • Paraffin free
    • Camphor free
    • No greasy or waxy feel

    You deserve the very best for your embouchure. Choose the product known around the world by top professionals!


    Ingredients and Purpose

    Castor seed oil – improves circulation and is an effective anti-inflammatory and can help heal wounds

    Behenyl Alcohol – also known as Docosanol, is an effective anti-viral agent that moisturizes

    St. John’s Wort Oil – relieves muscle pain, treats abrasions and cuts, and has anti-inflammatory benefits

    Arnica Oil –    soothes and reduces inflammation

    Hemp Seed Butter – a moisturizer and a rich source of omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids

    Ahiflower ™ Oil – an excellent source of omega -3 and omega -6 fatty acids

    BHT – an FDA approved food preservative with strong anti-viral benefits.

    Menthol – for flavoring and has analgesic benefits

    Ubiquinone – known as Coenzyme Q-10

    Squalane – a hydrating moisturizer with anti-inflammatory properties

    Olivatis 12-C – an emulsifier

    Viamarin 2500 – a moisturizer and emulsifier

    Amticide Coconut – moisturizer and anti-microbial

    MPC Complex – whey proteins that stimulate collagen production and helps heal cuts and abrasions

    Magnesium Chloride – prevents lactic acid buildup in the muscle tissue and provides amino acids to the muscle.

    Stevia Extract – a natural sweetener

    Kava and lavender Glycerite – help relieve muscle tension and spasms

    Glycerin USP – a moisturizer that is FDA approved for wound treatment

    Euxyl PE9010 ™ , Euxyl K703 ™  – FDA approved preservatives produced by Schulke

    Peppermint Oil – a flavoring agent that is also used for pain relief

    Vanilla flavor – used as a flavoring and anti-inflammatory


    Brand Ambassador

    Photo of Walter White


    Walter White has emerged with a personal voice on both trumpet and flugelhorn. his playing is darkly incantatory, furiously intense, risk-laden, harmonically astute, rhythmically free, with roiling passion tempering a sharp intellect. His bands play solid originals and his own exciting arrangements from both the standard jazz and classical literature.

    Walter serves as leader of the Walter White Jazz Quartet, the Walter White Big Band, and his 11-piece band, Walter White & Small Medium @ Large, who recently released the recording, Breaking Good, which received substantial national radio play and reached into the top 20 on the Jazz Week charts. His newest jazz quartet recording, Walter White Quartet, Most Triumphant, was released in July 2014 on Summit Records and stayed on Jazz Week’s top-50 charts for over ten weeks.

    Walter White grew up in a musical family near Detroit, MI, which inspired him to begin his musical career. Walter’s expressive trumpet playing led him to collaborate with many of the top names in music including: Bob James, Maynard Ferguson, Dave Holland, the Mingus Big Band, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, and Arturo Sandoval.

    Walter’s playing has enhanced the sound tracks of records, movies, and television, including network sitcoms, TAXI and The Cosby Show. As a recording studio owner, Walter produces music for records, television, and film. In 1994, Walter produced the Walter White Long-tone Accompaniment, a play-along CD for music practice, now in its third printing.

    Walter White is a Yamaha Artist & Clinician and is active as an educator, teaching privately and holding master classes and clinics across the country and abroad.