He’s no stranger to the road, the stage or a classroom, this Detroit bred trombonist has paved a path for himself performing, educating, producing and perfecting the business of music.

John Rutherford picked up a trombone in the fourth grade and had an instant connection with his brass instrument. In fact Rutherford commented, “he’s never looked back.”

Rutherford just finished up the first leg of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet band’s tour and is revving up for a month stint with Oasis lead guitarist, Noel Gallagher. He will join Seger and the band again in September and finish up in November.

Rutherford is a busy man. In addition to prepping for tour life, he is founder of Brass Jar Music, a boutique production and music management company. Rutherford contracts musicians and produces musical groups for a variety of events in Michigan and around the world.

Rutherford has had many memorable moments throughout his professional journey. Recording with Yo-Yo Ma at the Hit Factory in New York City tops his list though. Not only did he record with the Chinese-American cellist, he had the opportunity to tour with him and even play Carnegie Hall.

Robinson’s Remedies asked Rutherford what an average day in life looks like. Rutherford shared the following, “I warm up in the late morning. Then I switch to the business side by answering emails and booking gigs for myself and others. Typically, I manage to teach a few lessons. Then it’s off to the show or recording session with a rehearsal or soundcheck prior.”

Rutherford is an avid user of Robinson’s Remedies Lip Renew. “I usually use Lip Renew on days where I have multiple performances, typically between matinee and evening performances when I’m in a pit orchestra,” Rutherford shared.

John Rutherford is the Robinson’s Remedies Endorser of the Month for July. Want to learn more about John and Brass Jar Music go to