Ken  Robinson  has  been  a  cold  sore  sufferer  his  entire  life.  Not  only  has  he  had  to  endure  the  embarrassing  and painful outbreaks, but his lips are how he makes a living.

Robinson  was  born  with  the  natural  gift  of  playing  music.  He  was  also  born  with  a  passionate  and  optimistic outlook on life. Through years of hard work and perseverance , Robinson became known to and went on to perform with famous players around the world. His diversified abilities, found him playing with classical  ensembles  in  the  Michigan  Opera  Theater  and  International  Symphony  Orchestra  also  performing  with  jazz legends Maynard Ferguson, Tito Puente and Arturo Sandoval. Currently, Robinson continues to play with greats like Aretha Franklin, The O'Jays, The Four Tops, The Temptations and many more.

"You don't understand the psychological damage a cold sore can have on a person's esteem, unless you experience it." Robinson recalls. "There were so many gigs I lost because of a fever blister on my lip. Not to mention the many  sleepless nights. Right before a big show, panic will set in and you're waking up every hour, looking in the mirror, just praying you don't have one."

For decades, Robinson saw every doctor he could. He was told the same thing by every one, "There isn't a cure for  the HSV-1 virus." Robinson went on to try every recommendation: take prescribed medication, try topical creams,  don't drink citrus, and the list went on and on. "The funny part is the first doctor I ever went to see about my cold sore problem told me the cure was to quit playing trumpet," Robinson said. "Can you imagine if I would've listened to him, I wouldn't be living my dream and would still have constant outbreaks."

"I finally made peace with the fact that this was a challenge I would have to live with, but I wasn't about to let it dominate my life anymore." Robinson stated. "About seven years ago I had one of the worst breakouts in my entire life,  you  couldn't  see  my  lips  because  they  were  covered  in  fever  blisters,"  Robinson  recalls.  "I  looked  at  my  wife  and said "That's it, there has to be a better way! Determined not to be a prisoner of this career threatening condition, Ken spent years researching solutions to treating cold sores. He read books, consulted medical professionals and spent countless hours mixing ingredients in his kitchen. And finally, he created something that worked! A uniquely effective formula that he wants to share with cold sore sufferers everywhere.

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